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The lens regrowth hypothesisIn March 2016, the lens regrowth hypothesis was transformed into a distinct clinical possibility. Investigators from China and the United States reported their findings in Nature detailing a series of experiments in animals and children up to 2 years of age
Consider latest excimer laser techniques for presbyopiaExcimer laser ablations to the cornea (PresbyLASIK) to create a multifocal cornea may be an alternative treatment for patients with presbyopia
Cataract surgery may benefit certain PAC/PACG patientsLens extraction may have a role in reducing IOP in patients with primary angle-closure or primary angle-closure glaucoma.
Reducing pain during postop pediatric strabismus surgeryIn a randomized study, patients receiving bupivocaine had lower pain scores than the control group in the first 30 minutes after surgery. However, other factors may also play a role.
Ophthalmic Superwoman: Resident, fellow, and mother of twoRemember enduring those seemingly endless years of residency and fellowship training? Now, imagine trying to earn that badge of honor while having a child. Well, two of them. Sonia Rana, MD, managed to do just that while still graduating on time.
Novel dual agonist leads to notable IOP loweringThe drug ONO-9054 led to a greater reduction in IOP and a longer duration of reduction in a small clinical trial compared with latanoprost.
Addressing challenges of Acanthamoeba keratitisAcanthamoeba keratitis is a vision-threatening disease most frequently seen in contact lens wearers. The disease mimics numerous diseases, and early recognition is needed to achieve optimal visual outcomes.
Prompt attention vital to managing severe corneal infectionsConducting a good history and a careful exam can usually lead clinicians to the right diagnosis and treatment in cases of severe microbial keratitis.
Why infections related to PK require intense vigilanceThe causes of infections associated with penetrating keratoplasty are evolving, but no matter what the etiology, these infections consistently require vigilance and aggressive treatment.
Exploring lens regeneration after cataract surgeryFunctional lens regeneration was achieved in infants undergoing surgery for congenital cataract using a novel minimally invasive technique that maintains lens capsule integrity and preserves lens epithelial stem cells.
Gauging ganciclovir gel for herpes virusGanciclovir gel is effective for herpes simplex epithelial keratitis, and emerging evidence shows it also can be used to treat other corneal disease.
Fungal infections after keratoplasty on upswingPost-keratoplasty fungal infections are becoming increasing more common, and the risk is significantly higher after DSEK compared with PK.